German is taught by the following members of staff ;

Mr J Woolliscroft Head of Faculty
Mrs S Welch Teacher
Miss A Smith Teacher


The limits of my language are the limits of my world” (Wittgenstein).

Our aim in the MFL department is centred around equipping students not only with knowledge of German but the skills that will enable them to go on to learn any other language in the future. We believe that studying German is an opportunity for students to develop their appreciation of different cultures through exposure to authentic materials and cultural stimuli and understand the links between the UK and German speaking countries and the impact of language skills for the economy. Knowledge of the German language and culture of German speaking countries will enable our students to become more employable locally, nationally and internationally. The curriculum in German intends to enable students to communicate with speakers of the language both in written and spoken form. The curriculum aims to increase students’ confidence using the language and to enable them to express and explain their ideas about different themes. The department aims to provide a number of different opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom through  international visits, collaboration across the PET and extra-curricular support.

In order to meet our aims, the MFL department:

  • Reviews, updates & frequently assesses the Schemes of work to ensure they are challenging & relevant to each pupil.
  • Monitors the progress of pupils regularly using homework & assessments in all 4 language skills.
  • Marks & records pupils work regularly to ensure pupils are aware of the level they are working at & what they need to do to progress further.
  • Provides an atmosphere where lessons are vibrant & varied, with pupils engaged in their learning.
  • Encourages pupils to participate in trips abroad, where they can practice the language they have learned in the classroom.
  • Provides pupils with more awareness & tolerance of other cultures.