Key Stage 4

Scheme of Work :  Year 10

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Mobile Phone And Point Of Sale Display

Produce a 3D model of a mobile phone using styro-foam and a Point of Sale display made from foam board


· Analysis of phone

· 1st ideas phone

· Development of phone

· Final scaled drawing of phone

· 1st ideas point of sale

· Final isometric for point of sale

· Flow diagram /Product lifecycle

· Shade, thick/thin, outline,blocks

Stationary Packaging Blister Package

Produce models of pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and note pads that can be displayed in a blister package.


· Research existing product

· Reasearch your brand

· 1st ideas package

· 1st ideas stationary

· Joint final idea

· Moulds and vacuum forming

· Printing (litho and letterpress)

· Product user questionnaire

Food Packaging

Design a healthy eating burger box using Corel-Draw.


· Corporate image research

· What appears on a food package

· Corporate image 1st ideas

· 1st ideas container

· Final CAD drawings

· Material analysis / Environmental

· Die cutting

· Extension page - 2nd product

Year 11 Major Project

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Design Folder

Must consist of:

· Time plan

· Brief and analysis

· Research Plan

· Research Specification

· 1st Ideas

· Development Final Idea

· Working Drawing

· Flow Diagram

· Mass Production

· Testing and Evaluating

Practical Work

Pupils must make whatever they have designed in a graphic material, paying attention to quality of finish.

Exam Preparation

Pupils prepare the 2-hour design examination