Design & Technology is taught by the following members of staff ;
Mr G Burnett Head of Department
Mr R Cambridge DT Technician


In Design and Technology we try to enable our pupils to understand the increasingly technological world in which we live and to become designers and makers in their own right. We hope to encourage all pupils to work to the best of their ability and enjoy the work that they produce.

At Key Stage 3 they achieve a basic understanding of materials (wood, metal, plastic, textiles), and control processes (Structures, Computer aided design and robotics) They learn the place of business and gain experience of ICT in design and manufacturing.

We offer a range of courses at GCSE with increasing emphasis on research, theory and quality of manufacture. The four DT courses are: Resistant Materials, Graphics, Textiles and Food.

At Moorside we have 5 specialist DT rooms, including a textile room, 2 food rooms and 2 workshops areas, which include ICT facilities.



In October, we received our 3D Printer, courtesy of our sponsor Hobb Computers.  The KMF Young Engineer of the Year 2015 competition is well under way and has been supported by Pete Habron (Hobb Computers), Clare Barnett (Synergia Consulting) and Benjamin Jones a Staffs University student and CAD expert!  I am eternally grateful to these people who continue to support our students every Wednesday after school.  As part of the elimination process, we have judged and selected our two teams to take into the competition main.  A ‘Magic of Marketing’ event is scheduled at Newcastle under Lyme College for the teams in January; and this is part of our preparation for the qualification round where ‘Dragons Den meets The Gadget Show’ in March at The Britannia Stadium. (see Photo Gallery below)


A new Greenpower team has recently been formed comprising four Y10 students who are focusing on the engineering aspects of improving the performance of our car.  We are yet to hear from a recent bid for sponsorship for the 2015 season but are keeping fingers crossed.

History Day

A team effort in DT and Art saw the design and manufacture of a commemorative display of students work to celebrate the WW1 Centenary.  This can be seen in Reception.

DT Reward Celebrations

Key Stage 3 Reward Celebrations have been successfully launched to recognize the Progress and Achievement of students in the individual topic areas of Textiles, Food and Nutrition, Graphics and Product Design.  Awards and certificates have been designed and manufactured by the team along with the photographic display in the DT area.

KMF YEOTY March 2015