Key Stage 3

What We Teach

KS3 pupils follow a themed curriculum focused on developing progress in the following areas:

  • Solo and ensemble performance
  • Composition
  • Listening to music and identifying musical features
  • Appraising your own work and that of others
  • Understanding of musical genres and how music has developed over time

Pupils will study Music twice weekly over a 10-week cycle. Within these lessons pupils will explore the voice through enjoyable singing and call and response activities. They will learn about the elements of music and basic theory before developing their keyboard skills. Following this they will dive deep into the world of instrumentation, learning about the orchestra and instruments of pop. They will discover composition through ICT software such as Cubase and Dance eJay by creating their own pop songs. Finally, pupils will pick up a ukulele and learn simple chords and melodies and then join the Brazilian carnival to learn about Samba drumming.

Pupils are given a levelled practical assessment during each mini topic they study. They are then provided with targets to improve their work for the next time they are assessed on the same skill (Composing, Performing or Listening). 

Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

Samba Music

(Incorporating Elements of Music and a Samba Performance Assessment)

Pentatonic Music

(Incorporating Japanese Music and a Pentatonic Composing Assessment)

Ghostbusting Major

(Major music and Wim O Weh Performance Assessment)

Miserable Minor

(Minor Music, and Hip Hop Ternary Composition Assessment)

Chords in Pop

(Including a Performance Assessment of Alice Deejay – Back in My Life)

Feel the Beat

(Developing Cubase Skills and Rhythm Notation and a Samba Composition Assesment using Audio or MIDI Loops)

Year 8

Catchy Music

(Hooks, Riffs and Polyphonic, Homophonic Textures and a Performance Assessment)

African Music

(Incorporating Fusion Music and an African Based Composition Assessment)

Blues Music

(The 12 bar Blues and Carolina Blues Performance Assessment)

Rock 'n' Roll

(Incorporating a Blues/Rock 'n' Roll Composition Assessment)


(A short project exploring Minimalism basics with a Minimalism Composing Assessment)

Modern Dance Music

(The structure of Modern Dance Music incorporating a Composition Assessment using Dance E-Jay Software)

Year 9

Film Music 1 – Film Themes

(Exploring various genres of Film Themes and a Performance Assessment of a Chosen Film Theme)

Film Music 2 – Composing

(Composing Incidental Film Music Assessment)

Modern Dance Music

(Exploring dance styles and a Performance Assessment in a chosen dance styles)

Dance or Rock Composition

(Exploring advanced Cubase features and A Composition Assessment in a chosen style using them)

Reggae Music

(Exploring the style and a Performance Assessment of 3 Little Birds)

Music Technology

(Exploring further advanced features of Dance E-Jay and Cubase and a Composition assessment using Advanced Music Technology Skills)